Craniosacral Therapy: Unwind long held patterns in the body

I love coming across great podcasts that highlight Craniosacral Therapy and how it can be so profound for people. Tension patterns can stay in the body a very long time, even as far back as when we were in utero or coming through the birth canal. Be sure to checkout this podcast if you have had, or experienced, a difficult pregnancy: Let’s Talk About Torsion and Myofascial Unwinding with Dr. Carol Phillips.

They discuss:

  • Injuries sustained during pregnancy
  • Bigger injuries like car accidents (24 mins in)
  • How even smaller day to day injuries can grow to larger problems down the road
Craniosacral sessions are beneficial pre-and post partum for both baby and momma!

We offer shorter sessions (30 mins) for children (16 and under). The amazing thing about children and babies is they respond very well to this type of treatment. They usually require less sessions, and a shorter treatment times. Children naturally let go and return to their original patterns of health, as their patterns are not as deeply ingrained as adults.

Give us a call and ask for Jess if you have questions about a Craniosacral Treatment for yourself or your child. 250 550-4934.