A Letter from Jess: Creating the Gap

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Hello again! 

Ahh September! My favorite time of year! Cool nights, crisp mornings, summery afternoons.  

This time of year, is particularly nostalgic for me! Most of you may not know this about me, but I was in a car accident 22 years ago to this day (September 10th) that should have taken my life. Yup, I lived through a near death experience.  Something like that can change a person, and I am no different.  I can look back at that point and say there was a before and after.  

I was 21 years old and I was invincible.  I had just finished an amazing summer job where I was travelling all over BC. I saved up enough money to buy my first car and was headed to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort to work as a Ski patroller.  I hit to road early to make the drive to Golden. It was a perfect day for the drive.  Just after the summit of Rogers Pass, my eyes became heavy, my tires wandered and found the soft shoulder. The car fish tailed, crossed the center line, and went up over the guard rail. Dropping down a cliff, I continued to roll to the bottom of the valley.  

I still remember every bit of it.  The way the churned-up earth smelled, the taste of dirt in my mouth. I was extremely lucky that a trucker had witnessed my tail lights go up and over the edge…. he called for help.  Search and Rescue had to navigate down a mountain side to find me.  They placed me in a basket stretcher connected to the bottom of a helicopter long line.  The helicopter flew up the mountain side to the ambulance waiting on the road above.  I was then taken to Golden hospital where I was checked for injuries.  I had my bumps and bruises, and some minor reparative surgeries but basically, I walked away.  Even now, it is incredible for me to reflect on this event, I literally walked away from something that should have taken my life.  I guess one could say, it wasn’t my time.  

Having this experience has shifted my perspective. It made me start asking some of those deeper questions. Why did this happen? What is my purpose here? If given another chance at life, what do I do with it? It is my belief that we all go through similar life experiences to varying degrees, something that stops us in our tracks and asks more of us, asks us to dig a little deeper.  This was my moment.  I wouldn’t be doing what I do today without having had this experience.  

We have all had our before and after moments.  We can all look back and see where our lives have taken a pivot on its trajectory.  For some it may be a health crisis, or relationship beginnings or endings.  Births and deaths.  For better or worse, these big events shape us. 

I like to think about trajectory.  We operate on autopilot most of our day. Many of our choices are more like habits carried out on a subconscious level.  However, there are moments when we are shaken out of our slumber and something beyond our understanding, call it fate or destiny, grabs hold of our attention, enough to create a pause, a gap, an awakening.   If we can stay open, and find enough resources to process the experience, if we can stay in the space that our awareness is abruptly brought into,  this is where the magic happens. This is where we grow and create a new outcome from the path we were on. We can shift our trajectory.  

Your turn 

  • Can you recall some of your before and after moments throughout your life?
  • What was your response? Did you let the instance shape you in a way that helped you grow into the person you are today?
  • What is your current trajectory? 
  • Where do you want to end up? 
  • What could be one thing that you could do to shift your trajectory to where you want to end up down the road?
  • How could you create more gaps in your day to allow more shifts to happen?

Conversation starters 

I’m Reading:

  • I recommend this book to everyone I know.  So, if I haven’t recommended this book to you yet, I am now.  When the Body Says No by Dr Gabor Mate, is one of my before and after moments in book format.  Reading this book made me take a closer look at the stresses I have normalized and how it may be affecting my health.  I love being tough, handling the pressure, I have a can-do attitude.  These characteristics are great; however, some awareness on allowing my body to recharge, knowing when to say No, setting healthy boundaries was something I decided was a lot more important after reading this book.  My long term health depends on it.

I’m Watching/Listening to:

How I can help

The gap we were talking about earlier, the space where the magic happens, where we can choose new outcomes on our trajectory of life, that is Craniosacral Therapy in a nutshell. 

Craniosacral Therapy, slows our nervous system down to find stillness. It is like pressing pause. In this deep space of rest, our nervous system has a chance to reboot and rewire. It can release and unwind long held patterns in the body.  The gap or space that your body is allowed to drop into, brings the possibility of a new outcome.  It is a beautiful process that is subtle, yet profound. 

Sometimes, these big life events I mentioned earlier, can be startling or even traumatizing.  Our body may respond in a way that can shut us down, not allowing us to live optimally. If you are feeling overwhelmed by such an event, unable to process what is going on in your body, having the space held for you may be really beneficial in moving your life forward.

If you haven’t experienced Craniosacral Therapy, then I invite you to book with me now! I am offering you a FREE 30-minute Craniosacral Therapy session.   If you have had a session and loved your experience, please do me the honor and pass this offer on to your friends and family.  

Looking forward to connecting with you again soon!

Much love,

Jess Spohr