I know, the title is a stretch, but it will work itself out by the end.

It is 2019. 2018 blew by.

We (jess and I) feel lucky to be residents of Lavington. It is this gratitude and appreciation that we hope to infuse into our newly founded business, Idlewild Massage Therapy.

We are inspired by the residents of Lavington who have come before us in furthering this community, its amenities, and programs. They are worth a mention:
A volunteer run outdoor ice rink,
A free outdoor pool in the park,
Family Movie nights in the park,
A community volunteer fire station that hosts a variety of events including one of the best halloween fireworks displays in the valley.

Rounding out this incomplete list:
A community garden,
Community kids soccer,
Community kids baseball,
Community badminton,
Community volleyball.

I have recently been made aware there is a new one to add to the list:

Community Yoga!

Yoga. The word immediately brings to mind. Fit bodies. Beautiful poses, postures, and serenity.

I have had one experience with yoga in my life to date. July of 2004. The place, Metro Vancouver.

I enjoy a good challenge now and then. And, I like to stretch my mind with new ideas, new ways of doing things. So, when my sister in law Alicia asked me if I wanted to try Hot Yoga with her, I of course, said yes.

It was not at all how I pictured it, or the picture with me in it, is not how I pictured it.

I am a 6’4” tall, 230 lbs (on a good day) non flexible guy. For instance, I can’t dance. Oh, I can move my feet alright but, ask me to move my arms and hips at the same time and things quickly get awkward.

Slow things down to the serene and peaceful tempo of a yoga class and you get me struggling through postures, as I am posing with hushed panting, trying to breath through the pain. It’s not pretty. Definitely not serene. And thus, I have not tried it since.


I think I will try it again.

I enjoy learning. As a Massage Therapist I have recently been studying the body and an all encompassing area of it called, “fascia”.

What is fascia?

Simply put, fascia is the “bubble/seran” wrap like tissue that surrounds our muscles and links our body together from head to toe in long interconnected sheets or chains. It is because it is so prevalent and interconnected that it greatly influences how our mechanical bodies function or dysfunction. It is this function and dysfunction that is of great interest to Manual Therapists and to you and me, the people who are looking to feel and move better

For example, plantar fascitis (inflammation of the fascia on the bottom of our foot) is a very painful and common problem. The pain is felt on the bottom of our foot but can originate from the back of our legs, namely the calf muscles. The calf muscles are connected to the base of your toes through a sheet of dense fascia that wraps around your heal and under your foot. Over tension this fascia and it can start to cause dysfunction which translates into pain felt on the bottom of our foot when we step down.

How we maintain our fascia, and its balance throughout the body, is important. We need it to be of a certain tension, to hold and shape our muscles and how they move our body.

Increase or unbalance these forces and it will often end up in discomfort felt as an ache, stiffness, or pain.

This is where movement, and stretching through movement can help.

Being mid life, I realize the need now more than ever for a regular limbering up. Oh, I find the time here and there for a quick stretch. These brief stretches provide me with enough relief in the moment, but seldom do I feel like they allow me to gain ground on my aches and stiffness. I am ready to move forward, to be less stiff, have less pain, have better balance, and mobility.

This is where Lavington community Yoga comes in. A time set aside in my week to be intentional about my stretching, to be intentional about my health, to get some coaching. Some much needed instruction on how to do those beautiful poses right, or at least try hard, in my own way….in the back corner…of the class. I digress.

To sum it up. Lavington community yoga will provide me the opportunity to move towards better health.

I’m told the first class is January 7th, 2019

If you have ever wondered what a inflexible 6’4” guy panting his way through “downward dog” pose looks like… come join me. I’ll be in the back corner of the class, working it out.

Happy New Year!


“We must become the architects of our own healing.”
J. Fitzgordon